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I enjoy taking photographs and, consequently, my camera goes just about everywhere with me. However, this update doesn't include photos I've taken. The theme is the Yangtze River Patrol, and to the best of my knowledge, my grandfather took the pictures. Enjoy!
If you've ever seen a movie titled "The Sand Pebbles", you know it's about the Yangtze River Patrol in the mid-1920s. I've never seen the movie. I should make it a point to see it.

So why would this concern me? Many people don't know that the Yangtze River Patrol actually began in 1854. My connection is that my grandfather served on the Elcano from 1904-1907, a gunboat that was part of the Patrol. He took photos around the world, and if you're a history buff, these photos might interest you. If you're not, they might interest you anyway. Just for the record, my grandfather was quite a bit older than my grandmother. I'm chuckling as I tell you, I'm not all that old!

Briefly, The Yangtze Patrol (1854 to 1941) was a prolonged naval operation to protect American interests in the Yangtze River's treaty ports in China. I'll let it go at that since I'm not an historian. Since I've never been in the Navy, I apologize if I use incorrect terms. For the most part I'll caption pictures with my grandfather's captions.

The young man sitting is my grandfather who was on the
USS Elcano which was part of the Yangtze River Patrol

"Officers of Elcano"
(Author note: I believe front center may be Rear Admiral Hugh Rodman)

"Dry Dock in Shanghai" (left), "Stern of Elcano in Dry Dock" (right)

"Officers on Quarterdeck at Sea - Elcano"

"Elcano bunch on Dry Dock - Dewey"

"Sail Drill Ranger"

"Target Practice - Chefoo" (Yantai)

But it wasn't all work...

"Boat Races - Rainbow, Wilmington & Elcano - Elcano Wins - Zamboanga"

"New Years Day - Nelson, Boatswain - Scott Rylme,  Police -
Breem, Admiral - Brooks, Uncle Sam"

"Baseball Team in Foochow" (Fuzhou)

It was truly difficult to choose photos from the album. Needless to say, my grandfather was unable to take photos during missions or operations. I hope you enjoyed a short look back in time (1904-1907), during the USS Elcano's service with the Yangtze River Patrol.

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